Learning at Home

Websites and books we love!

#1 Prager University –  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vHE6AYNOCrg    “WHAT IS FAIR?”

We receive new video releases by text and watch them as a family. They are 5 full minutes of ideas that spark questions and conversations for 30 minutes or more.  We often find ourselves looking up geography, authors, historical events etc to expand on the topics of the videos.

#2 The History of Us ( book series by Joy Hakim)

2 page chapters with vivid pictures appropriate for 3rd grade through adult. I learn something new every day we read!

#3 Whatever Happened to Penny Candy (book by Richard J. Maybury)

#4 God’s Double Agent (book available on Kindle)

This is a Nail Biter, can’t put the book down!

#5 Daily Audio Bible (download the app)

#6 Bible Project


#6 Joshua Becker – The Minimalist Home

Since Christmas, we have been watching videos on YouTube by Joshua Becker and have his Kindle Book, “The Minimalist Home”. We are continuing with tremendous enthusiasm to declutter and simplify our home during this Corona Staycay!  Every dark cloud has a silver lining!

#7 LT Colonel Dan Rooney – A message of hope

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